Game-changing yoga, healing, and meditation experiences.

Ancient wisdom for modern challenges

Our clients level up in 5 core areas:

Game-changing yoga, healing, and meditation experiences

Ancient wisdom for modern challenges



Because you matter.

Mindwell exists to bridge ancient wisdom and our modern lives. We empower the individual and provide the necessary tools to build self confidence and the self-awareness to perform at their best. Our goal is to change cultural behaviors through transformation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our practices go far beyond yoga and meditation practices, and have proven to transform lifestyles, performance, and impact in organizations and communities.

Body Pain
Overcoming pain and body ailments
Performance Mindset
Creating a strategic and efficient mindset
Inspiring breakthrough cooperation and overcoming conflict
Mind Focus
Generating concentration and creativity
Inspiring hope and empowerment. This includes working with trauma survivors


Sometimes we think our practice must be comprehensive and grandiose. This is not the case. The impact of the tiny pebble hitting the water will eventually ripple out to the mighty sea. One deep conscious breath far outweights 100 taken mindlessly. One thing done with all your heart and attention bears sweet fruit. Even a minute is a contribution to eternity.

- Milenovishi -



useful, effective, practical, relevant

We meet people where they're at, giving them the experience they need to make the next breakthrough in their life. We do that by creating yoga experiences that are practical, demystified, rigorous, and profound. Through clear, practical instruction, you will be able to practice and apply what you've learned in your daily life - in your office, home, or wherever you are.



Featured In:

“We’ve recommended Anthony’s work to many of our friends. He is more than a massage therapist; he is a healer. He has a great understanding of the energy flows within the human body and his treatments always leave us feeling peaceful and healthy.”

— Sting and Trudy Styler



Founder and Practitioner

Anthony has been a provider of individual and group holistic health programs for more than 17 years. Fluent in four languages, and informed by his studies and work in Africa, Asia, and Europe, he has developed a teaching process that leverages universal best practices drawn from the wisdom of a variety of human experiences.

Clients have included notable musicians such as Sting and Rick James, professional athletes Vernon Davis and Osamu Abe, executives from Nike, Google, and Intuit, doctors and health care providers, social workers, and incarcerated youth and adults.

Beginning with a check-in conversation, Anthony builds a tailor-made class based on participants' stories, addressing their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical concerns, as well as sought-after goals. His signature playlists deepen the therapeutic experience, further opening the mind and heart. Steeped in a keen understanding of the body's meridian system, pressure points, and anatomy, he skillfully combines mindful movement and asana to bring the teaching into the body.





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